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Safecon Ltd is a surveyors’ agency for health & safety at work and project management and offers a total package of services for Belgium as well as for the Netherlands in the field of quality, health & safety at work, and living environment. Our full range of services can be subdivided into 7 core competencies:

Safecon partner voor uw projectmanagement EN

The project management service that we offer you purely consists of exclusive quality products, which can immediately be implemented. In view of our project-based approach, these services cannot only be executed within the stated deadline, but also within the available budget and in accordance with the stated quality requirements. This provides you, as the customer, with a double guarantee that your company can operate speedily and appropriately in accordance with current Belgian, Dutch and European safety regulations. All our services are modular. You can therefore select those service packages that specifically apply to your company. We always adapt our modules to suit the particular requirements of your company.

Our high quality services and consultancy are the result of more than 15 years’ experience in matters of health & safety advice, hazardous goods safety advice, Construction Safety Co-ordination, design and implementation of construction sites, quality management, health & safety at work consultancy, and wellbeing in a risk management environment. Our services are based upon expertise acquired over years of work at project management level in various industrial and service sectors, which always required the development of exclusive quality products.

We always work on an independent, flexible and efficient basis. Tight deadlines and fast results guaranteed! Many customers have already come to appreciate this practical, expert, pragmatic and result-focused approach.